Virtual Leadership Conference Solutions

Are you wanting to make your conference virtual? We’re here to help!

Virtual Conferences are the Best Way to Social Distance

Creating a memorable conference safely is our top priority. With many events being postponed or cancelled, it can make us all feel helpless.

This is the time when leaders can rise up together to be hopeful and helpful to those we serve. Working together we can get moving again and bring people back together, and restore cancelled and postponed events in a new and dynamic way.

Host your competitions. Inspire through general sessions. Hold your elections. Deliver world-class leadership. Recognize your members. Have fun networking.

You already planned an incredible conference. Do what you were planning to do in an affordable, imaginative, pioneering, and impactful way where everyone can shine and bring their best.

  • Get the support you need to transition your in-person event to a virtual ecosystem

  • Provide world-class leadership content and extend learning and networking opportunities

  • Allow State Officers to finish their term strong and pass the torch to the next generation

  • Hold competitive events and celebrate a year of hard work

  • Minimize the financial impact from cancellation to your organization

  • Utilize collaborative community solutions to lighten your burden and deliver an amazing event

Let the Power of Virtual Rescue Your Physical Event

The “Virtual Leadership Experience” is assembled by TEAMTRI. Our Team has operated in a remote, virtual and decentralized ecosystem for 28 years. We know how to do virtual. We have collaborated closely with our online partners to reduce costs, increase access, and simplify setup so organizations large and small can deliver an affordable, enjoyable and awesome conference.

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Provide an Unforgettable Virtual Leadership Experience using the C-SYSTEM Event Planning Process

Our Solution: The C-System

Think about every element of a successful conference…we’ve taken those elements and developed a virtual version that is set to WOW your conference attendees. It will be an experience like no other!

Take a look at the key components that make up our C-System. Whether you are interested in some of these solutions, or if you want to go ALL-IN, our Team is looking forward to bringing you relief and expertise for this unique environment you are facing today.

This is where the journey begins! Here, members and advisors can access mobile optimized conference materials, stay up to date on any vital updates and changes, and seek clarity on outstanding questions. This is where everyone attending the virtual state conference can go to find the broad array of conference activities and information available.

There is nothing quite like the excitement and inspiration of a General Session. Now, conference attendees can experience General Sessions right in the comfort of their own homes. General sessions are pre-produced to enhance the quality, scheduled for launch, and available 24/7 for access around constantly changing schedules.  And, organizations can record and submit their own briefings, messages and information as well.

Delivering empowering and motivating messages in a virtual environment is different from a live experience. Our Team includes broadcast TV expertise we use to optimize scripting and presentation in an online format.

Online platforms allow organizations a way to still hold most performance, demonstration, presentation, and role play competitive events. Students can submit recorded videos of their presentations. Projects can be uploaded for judges to evaluate. Live experiences with judges can be delivered virtually. Students have worked hard all year long on their competitive event projects and their work can still be delivered, evaluated, and celebrated.

Pencils, Scantrons, and Grading… oh my! There is no need to worry about running out of various testing materials or a lack of proctors for an exam. We have the capacity to build out and run online testing for students whether those tests be competitive event related or more focused towards other testing needs.

We are proud of our quality judge recruitment process including training and orientation of judges fairly and consistently evaluate student performance. Students put their best efforts in to develop and present these projects, and they should be evaluated by professionals who truly want to see them succeed. We can include your judges and have the ability to recruit judges from across the country…even across the globe… who can evaluate competitor presentations offline or in person from wherever they may be.

One of the most exciting aspects of a state conference is meeting with state and national leaders, engaging with industry professionals, and sharing dreams and ideas with fellow conference attendees. Our platform allows for live forum capability in scheduled formats for everyone to connection and join in the conversation.

We have a library of Kahoot leadership, career, trivia and CTSO gameshows and engaging emcees to facilitate head-to-head competitions for conference attendees to earn the chance to win great prizes and bragging rights.  Kahoots would be scheduled at various times throughout the virtual conference open format.

We have a library of Quest Leadership Missions powered by Goosechase for attendees to engage in digital scavenger hunts.  The Quest helps drive positive conference behavior, engagement, and interaction through a variety of challenges. The Quest also helps create user-generated content which can be featured in general sessions, social media, and be used for certifying participation for students to earn additional recognition and cool prizes too.

Hear from world renown speakers like Steve Cockram, Jeremie Kubicek and a diverse range of industry professionals and motivators. They will be sure leave conference attendees filled with passion and determination to get after their dreams and bright futures. Students and teachers can select their own pathways for learning and growth in these pre-recorded messages. And, we have a library of pre-recorded keynotes from some of America’s most dynamic youth speakers. We can work with you and your speaker to integrate their message (with their approval) into your general session so students can still experience them and you can maintain your special partnership with them.

At most in-person conferences, only a select number of workshop presenters and time slots are available to be experienced. Going online, every participant can experience every workshop available. This virtual experience gives all the power and autonomy to conference attendees. Students can choose pre-recorded workshop sessions that interest and intrigue them most. With over 200+ hours of content attendees will grow their leadership like never before.

Each person has a unique wiring based on their nature, nurture and choices they’ve made in life. The virtual leadership conference includes the 5 Voices personality indicator assessment. Based on the outcome of the assessment, participants will then be able orient to content designed for growing their 5 Voices. They’ll dive deeper into custom pathways aligned with their unique experiences and perspectives to discover leadership insights, understand what its like to be on the other side of their leadership, and implement intentional proven strategies to grow and become a leader worth following.

In addition to submitting candidate videos/presentations/commercials that will be integrated into General Sessions, we are encouraging states to expand campaigning through Virtual Campaign Booths. State officer candidates can have the opportunity to create virtual web-based campaign booths (e.g. use Facebook, Trial at Square Space, Wix, etc.) to display their resume, platform, and candidate videos. We can then drive conference attendees to visit websites through the Quest leadership missions, hold hosted Live Candidate Forums for members and voting delegates to engage candidates in Q&A sessions, and schedule online candidate interviews.

Like online testing, we are excited to offer online voting as an option to the virtual state conference experience. A voting period will be established and voting delegates will each be given distinct and individualized codes to access voting. The process is secure and easy and a great alternative to paper/pencil, voting booths, or scantron ballots at live state conferences.

The integrity of elections is extremely important and is of highest priority. Students work hard to run for state office, and they are deserving of a process that treats them with respect and allows them to campaign efficiently and fairly. We are more than excited to work with you to come up with a high-quality election process.

There is nothing quite like becoming a state champion and going home with a gold medal or a great trophy. Although this experience will be lightly different, we are aiming to offer students the recognition they have earned and that they deserve. Names of winners would be displayed on screen and professionally announced similar to the webcast experience of an NLC. And, to ensure many attendees attend the award session, we’ll embed inspirational moments, recognition, flashback videos and random drawing prizes within the award sessions. And, our centralized admin team is ready to support states and shipping conference swag, awards, and recognition to homes or schools so there is a physical memory of the virtual experience.

One of the most sacred traditions of any organization is installing the new state officers who will lead your state association in the coming year. In this virtual experience, we are proud to offer a social media focused approach to announcing and installing new officers. The announcement of the officer team can be made via a live Instagram story and shared simultaneously on Facebook. And, we’ll utilize The Virtual Leadership Experience platform to transition to an online officer retreat and training so newly elected officers get a fast start to their year and don’t lose a moment of their term of service.

Adapt The Virtual Leadership Experience for Your Future Events

Be innovative! The Virtual Leadership Experience platform can be used for Officer Retreats, CTSO State Officer Training, Advisor Professional Development, Fall Leadership Conferences, and more.

What’s The Investment?

Prices starting at
$5 per attendee*
Plus $500 event system setup
all conference features available for 30 days
  • Connect: Live Forums for Your Group, Online Showdowns, Leadership Missions
  • Content: 200+ Hours of Keynotes, Workshops, and Personality Pathways

*Complimentary access for Parents, Judges, Alumni, Administrators, Department Employees, Board, and Press

Your Virtual State Leadership Conference can include:

  • Extend conference and learning from the usual 2-3 days to 30 days of accessible features available on-demand 24/7 to flex with constantly changing schedules

  • A centralized portal mobile optimized for all virtual conference activities branded with your conference theme

  • On-demand general sessions professionally scripted, edited, announced, and produced featuring your officers and leaders

  • Ability to include your own content, videos, resources, and materials

  • Event competition, online testing and virtual-judging in proctored online environments so your students’ hard work can shine!

  • Leadership pathways featuring 200+ hours of world class leadership content from inspiring keynote speakers, workshops, and downloadable resources

  • Added recognition for students completing leadership sessions, general sessions, and interactive challenges

  • Live Forums with chat capability for Officers, State Leaders, and Industry Representatives to share valuable content with attendees

  • Add fun and friendship back to conference through scheduled online “showdowns” in gameshow format to win cool prizes

  • Self-directed leadership missions through several rounds of monitored digital scavenger hunts encouraging networking, engagement in conference features, knowledge building, reflection, and creative problem solving and chance to win prizes for most points and random drawings

  • Recognition of competitive event winners, sponsors, and organization contributors

  • Secure candidate campaigning and elections for your new state officers

  • Centralized administrative support to ship conference swag, recognition, awards and prizes to schools/homes

  • Exclusive access, rewards and experiences for members registered for conference

  • Complimentary access to Virtual General Sessions and World-Class Leadership content for Parents, Administrators, Judges, Alumni, and Members of the Media so they can join in supporting and celebrating students

Make Your Event Virtual

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