So…let’s help you get ready!
It’s easy as 1-2-3…


As with all conferences, you need your personal identifier. In place of your nifty name badge that you normally receive at conference, your access credentials will ensure you are able to login successfully.

You will receive information from Oklahoma BPA and DECA via email for login credentials.

You’re ready to login!  Download this helpful GUIDE to provide instructions on how to successfully login, access, and navigate within the platform.

Once you have your login credential, tap on the button below to login to the platform. After you have logged into the platform, head back over here to the portal.



This is your virtual conference lobby! On the first day, you may be unsure on where to begin.  Not to worry…the best place to start is always…at home!  Home for your virtual conference is at THE PORTAL.

If you are still unsure on what to do, just use the Need Help! chat feature in THE PORTAL and a friendly virtual concierge will help you find your way.


In the virtual leadership experience you’ll see the same conference elements you know and love, but now it’s all virtual.

Join us on a tour of all the features of this virtual platform and experience!

Virtual Tour